Rally For Our Riverfront

Waterfront Windsor Ontario Sunset

Instead of “I remember what it used to look like”, I’d rather say “I spoke up and here it is for you to enjoy.”


Rally for OUR Riverfront has been started as a movement of citizens in defense of the ‘clean and green’ natural riverfront parkland of Windsor, Ontario. The City has made it known that, having been stopped by legal means, it will now change the laws to permit it to build “beacons” along the riverfront parklands that interfere with the uninterrupted natural view of the riverfront.

The Parks Need You

The City has made it clear that it plans to bring to City Council a package of law changes that will allow it to develop almost anything it wants along the riverfront in future years without any accountability or due process. Then, like the Holiday Inn lease from 1967 till 1999, we will be stuck with structures that break up the natural beauty of OUR riverfront parks. The only way to stop the City is to speak up often, repeatedly and doggedly to each and every City Councillor. The message is simple: do not weaken the laws that protect the riverfront parks, instead strengthen the protections for future generations.

What Can I Do?

Get informed.
If you agree that the ‘clean and green’ principles that first formed the riverfront parks are important to preserve, write to the City Councillors.
Sign our petitions. We say ‘petitions’, plural, because we know the City will try to wiggle out of OUR requests. They have unlimited time and money to try to outwit our limited group of volunteers and contributors. We will do our best to stay nimble to the changing circumstances.
Contribute toward a sign.
Make a contribution toward the costs of our Lawyer and Planner. We know we need experienced and authoritative people working on this very important cause.
Share our citizens’ movement for greater accountability from our elected officials and civil servants.
When it comes to election time, question candidates and VOTE people in office who will protect Windsor’s jewel of a park: OUR Riverfront.

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